Friday, September 26, 2008

Financial Downfall in the US

You may have noticed sporadic positing lately. Well we here at MTN regret to inform you that the recent economic meltdown has affected us as well. (Save yourselves before it's too late! We suggest putting money in shoeboxes and investing in gold, silver and random body parts that could be sold on the black market.) In service to the general public, so that you are capable of looking out for you and yours, we have put together this handy checklist of indicators of whether the economic crisis will affect you. Odds are you will be affected if:

1) You were poor to being with. Chances are you're screwed now.
2) You're a minority. Refer to #1.
3) You’re a liberal Caucasian. Refer to #2.
4) There are no more categories.

If by chance you don't fall into any of these categories, please feel free to donate to MTN at your convenience.

-MICHAEL BOUCHARD is willing to sell, for a reasonable price, many good recipes for Top Ramen.

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