Friday, September 5, 2008

Democrat vs Republican

Democrats vs. Republicans
by Lorraine Cink

A guide to spotting, understanding and seeing where you might fit in the bipartisan system.

Democrats are Concerned with the Dollar Value. 
Republicans are Concerned with Family Values.

Democrats Believe in Gay Marriage.
Republicans Believe that Gays are Mythical Creatures.

Democrats are into Jazz Music.
Republicans Outlaw Dancing in Small Towns.

Democrats Talk Openly About Affairs.
Republicans Divorce Their Wives for Their Pill-Popping Mistresses.

Democrats want Troops out of Iraq.
Republicans want Oil out of Iraq.

Democrats Cry when they don't get their way.
Republicans Shoot Someone when they don't get their way.

Democrat's Shameful Secret: Rosemary Kennedy
Republican's Shameful Secret: George Bush

Democrats Fool Around with Interns.
Republicans send Homoerotic Emails to 16 year old male Pages.

Democrats Lose Elections
Republicans Steal Elections

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