Friday, October 10, 2008

John McCain accused of 'palling around' with Sarah Palin.

by Michael Bouchard

In the past week laughable charges have come against Barack Obama by an ever-weakening Republican ticket. The charges claim Obama has or even had a close relationship with the Weather Underground's Bill Ayers. The Weather Underground being an organization that violently fought against government in the 1960's. Unsurprisingly, those allegations have been shown to be overwhelming false by any rational standard, the only connection having been that both served on an educational charity board in Chicago.

But in a head-spinning turnaround the Obama camp has accused McCain of 'palling around' with Sarah Palin. Palin being a recently unheard of anti-intellectual political figure who holds absurd anti-scientific views, and is a member of an extremist, fundamentalist church. Palin also not only has ties to, but is married to a former member of the Alaskan Independence Party. A treasonous group that despises America and wishes to secede from it. Palin is also a well known demagogue, and can be found lately stirring up hate mobs towards Obama that chant "treason", "terrorist" and one recorded instance of "off with his head" at her frequent speeches. Palin has yet to repudiate these chants when they occur.

The McCain campaign has issued a statement stating that "such accusations by the Obama campaign are exactly the kind of dirty politics that we repeatedly stated we wouldn't engage in at the start of our campaign". A spokesman who wished to remain anonymous also added later that Palin is a "looney-toons, political greenhorn that is the very antithesis of what McCain is and has been about: Experience, Reason and Character. The very suggestion that we would align ourselves with such a clearly inexperienced nutter is offensive."

But the Obama campaign didn't stop there. They quickly went after McCain's record of known associates in the Senate. Men, the Obama camp noted, that he worked with for many more years than Obama worked with Ayers. Senators such as Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd. While all were well known for their virulent racism, McCain not only worked with them, but joined the same party! Robert Byrd was a member of the terrorist organization Ku Klux Klan, Thurmond ran as a Dixiecrat in 1948 on a platform of segregation, and Helms' politically viewed African Americans as less than full Americans. Yet, McCain worked with these men much more closely that Obama ever worked with Ayers. Such racist influences also seem to make sense of the McCain campaigns sudden love of Obama's middle name "Hussein."

After we add the unstable character of Palin to this who's who of unhinged republicans, clearly by McCain's own standards and actions his character must be called into question and he must be charged as a "racist" immediately without further questioning or benefit of the doubt. McCain, as he gives no better, would surely expect no better. Tragically though, all McCain has run on is his character. This leaves him with nothing else to run on as he has clearly shown he doesn't wish to talk about any 'issues'. Sadly, this is a strong indicator that he is not only unfit to lead, but that his selfish attempt to do so reveals an unwillingness to put his country first.

-MICHAEL BOUCHARD is sad to see McCain forced by his own words to resign.

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