Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tonight’s Second Presidential Debate Drinking Game

by Lorraine Cink

In honor of tonight's 2nd Presidential Debate, Mostly True News brings you a very special way to enjoy your political awareness: with drinking!!!

The Rules:

1. Start with a waterfall that begins as Tom Brokaw, moderator, explains the debate proceedings.

2. Every time John McCain mentions Sarah Palin take a drink (if he goes the whole debate without saying her name and is praying no one remembers that she’s his running mate, take a shot of tequila).

3. Take three drinks if McCain smiles with his mouth, but looks like he is going to kill someone with his eyes.

4. Waterfall every time Tom Brokaw says his or either candidate’s name.
5.  Take a drink whenever you see/hear:
-“Big Business”
-McCain’s rebuttal begins with anything about Obama’s inexperience
-"Trillion Dollars"
-Obama calls McCain “John”
-Whenever a candidate interrupts the other.
-“Wall Street/ Main Street”
-Anyone makes an awkward joke.
-Obama equates McCain to Bush.
-“Osama Bin Laden” (if you see Osama Bin Laden, start looking for a 3rd party candidate)
-“God” (if you see God, chug the rest of your beer).

6.  Take a shot if:
-anyone ever calls Obama “Osama” by mistake.
-John McCain looks Barack Obama directly in the eye when he speaks.
-If McCain says the word "maverick" you must take a shot and then stand-up and say, "Yeehaw, Mother Fucker!!!"
-If Obama makes any reference to McCain's age, take a shot and sing the chorus to Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young".

Watch CNN’s Fact Check for an after party blow out!

You will need to take a shot for every wrong ‘fact’ from either candidate.   If your candidate’s opponent is wrong, after each shot you must stand-up, shake your ass and say “Awwwww, yeeeeeaaaaaah!  Booyakasha!”

--Lorraine would like you not to die of alcohol poisoning until after voting season.

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