Monday, May 18, 2009

Palin to Teens

BRISTOL PALIN TO TEENS: "Don't do what I did. Do what I did."

Bristol Palin was on a publicity tour recently, supporting abstinence, and you can almost hear the collective "YES!" from Planned Parenthood centers across the country. I can't express my shock at the audacity of such a move beyond a very high pitched "REALLY?!" Bristol Palin promoting abstinence is like the Rush Limbaugh promoting a life without painkillers. It's like Jenny McCarthy promoting safe pediatrics. It's like Oprah promoting a reality-based worldview. Or maybe it's like a single, unmarried, teenage mother who practiced abstinence as the the only form of birth control, instructing other teens that practicing abstinence as their only form of birth control will keep them from becoming a single, unmarried, teenage mother. 

I mean really, what's next? Sarah Palin going on tour about how to win elections and create bi-partisansip? 

-MICHAEL BOUCHARD is beginning to think that the Palins really DO live in Opposite Land. 

VIDEO LINK FOR "Publicity Tour"

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